Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to our tarot card readings.

No Liability
We accept no liability whatsoever in relation to how you use the information we give you in our tarot readings. You are fully responsible for the decisions you may make. We are not medical doctors nor financial planners nor career coaches. We claim no credentials whatsoever in relation the delivery of our services. We just read what the cards say and provide our interpretation. 

No Claims of Psychic Powers
We do not claim to have psychic powers beyond those accessible to every human. We cannot see the future and we cannot see into the hearts and minds of other people. We simply read the cards and interpret their message according to our understanding of their meanings in the context of the questions clients ask.

Purpose of Readings
We provide tarot readings for the purpose of personal entertainment, with the intention of helping clients gain a more intuitive understanding of their situation in the universe. Our tarot readings are in no way intended to substitute for professional advice in relation to careers, finance, health, relationships or any other area of your life.

Refunds and Rescheduling
Donations you provide to us are not refundable, even if we are unable to provide services to you. If you have paid for a booking (as opposed to making a donation as a member of a supported organization) and we are unable to deliver your session as scheduled, we will reschedule at a mutually convenient time. We may consider returning your money, at our sole discretion, if we are absolutely unable to find an agreeable time