Our Philosophy

When we read tarot cards, we believe that we are communicating with our higher selves to access insights that cannot be gleaned through observation or analysis. Tarot cards can help us “pull back the veil” and give us arcane knowledge we could gain in no other way. The universe is speaking to us through the cards, giving us hints about our potential future and suggesting to us what decisions might yield optimal results.

Is the Future Decided?

We do not believe that the future is already decided. Tarot cards can give us indications of what events may lay before us, but they cannot predict such events with certainty or accuracy. What tarot cards can do is to help us clarify our thoughts and reflect on our feelings, allowing us to engage with aspects of ourselves and our lives that may elude our conscious minds. 

Making Life Decisions

No person should base important life decisions only upon a tarot card reading. You can ask the cards questions like whether the time is right to buy a house,  whether or not a person you’ve met is a potential soul mate or which business ventures might be the most promising. The cards may provide some answers for you, but you must take responsibility for your own decisions. 

Are Tarot Cards "Black Magic?"

As we said above, when we consult tarot cards, we believe we are speaking to our higher selves. This is the part our soul which is eternal and exists beyond what we could call time and space. This higher self can provide positive guidance that can help us make the most of our experiences in our current life. 

However, we are aware that some religions insist that their followers abstain from consulting tarot card readers because “You don’t really know who you’re talking to.” Some people believe that only God can see the future and that when we use the cards, we are violating God’s will by communicating with dark spirits. While we obviously do not agree with this, we believe it is possible for improper use of tarot cards to provide an opening through which negative entities can gain a foothold in our thoughts and emotions. Reading tarot cards is not inherently “black magic,” but engaging with the cards with negative intent can produce unhappy results. 

This is why we approach tarot card reading with love, positive intention and high vibration.